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The team of experts at Impact Resolutions comes from a broad spectrum of industries and communities, giving our clients a 360° perspective on stakeholder relations and outreach strategies. 

We represent a cadré of experienced professionals who have honed a unique engagement and data collection approach for impact assessments, business and procurement services, and qualitative and quantitative research.


Pepita Elena Mckee

CEO & Founder

Murray S. Slezak

Sr. Operations Director

Helen A. Cruz

Sr. Gender & Health Expert

Tanya Wahbe

Indigenous & Conservation Programs Specialist


Bruce Docherty

GIS & Geomatics Specialist

Dr. Phong Hong Vu

Monitoring and Evaluation Expert

Jocelyn Wood

Stewardship & Conservation Planning Specialist

Mary Rose S. Laguitao

Community Engagement Intern

Namita Prakash

Lead Multi-media Creative Specialist

Silas White

Sr. Local Government Specialist

Wafaa El-Osta

Cross Cultural Conservation Economic Development Expert

Cameron Swinton

Finance & Risk Specialist

Erin Henderson

Environmental Coordinator & Research Analyst

Josie Kaip

Creative Design Coordinator

Maya McLean

Responsible Sourcing Specialist

Paolo Nuguid

Lead Knowledge Management Coordinator

Simon Ross

Senior Community Engagement and Community Health Manager

Weam Charaf Eddine

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expert

Dehong Alex Li

Sr. Business & Procurement Specialist

Hannah Charis

Creative Digital Specialist

Juan David Correa

Community Engagement Specialist

Micheala Slipp

Social Determinants of Health Expert & Registered Councillor

Rima Noureddine

Community Engagement & Refugee Mental Health Specialist

Suzanne Rashed

Sr. Corporate Communications Specialist

Dr. Marcus Edino

Senior Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Emergency Response Manager

Jeremy Valeriote

Sr. Environmental, Social & Governance Specialist

Mark Brown

Sr. HR Business Partner

Mohammad Al Akel

Health Impact and Climate Change Specialist & DEIB Expert

Roxanne Hodgson

Trapper Permitting Expert

Terry Wintonyk

Sr. Communications Strategist

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