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About Us

Sustainable, Robust Social Risk and Impact Strategies

Impact Resolutions (IR) delivers sustainable, robust social risk and impact strategies grounded in a spirit of trust, honesty, integrity and reciprocity.

Our team of experts leads with compassion and relationships and leverages our combined knowledge, diverse backgrounds, and professional networks to deliver enduring, adaptive solutions for our clients and our community.

Adaptive, Sustainable Solutions

IR approaches project challenges creatively and flexibly by adapting processes and techniques that authentically represent a given community or organization and strengthen the capacity to solve problems. Throughout a project, IR fosters relationship-building by creating safe and open space for effective, purposeful and powerful dialogue.

Ethical, Transparent Processes

IR team members maintain the highest ethical and professional standards. We earn trust by remaining transparent and accountable to our partners, collaborators, clients and engagement participants about project impacts and community benefits. We deliver what we promise.

Relationship-Based Engagement

IR recognizes the critical importance of adapting to changing conditions. IR offers  a  proven ability to work in different cultural and socio-economic contexts and effective engagement skills with all levels of communities and stakeholders. Our combined knowledge, expertise and professional networks in economic development, training and labour market and strategic planning enable us to effectively and efficiently execute the deliverables.

Team of Experts

IR's team of experts comes from a broad spectrum of industries and communities, giving our clients a 360° perspective on stakeholder relations and outreach strategies.


Pepita Elena Mckee

CEO & Founder

Murray S. Slezak

Sr. Operations Director

Helen A. Cruz

Sr. Gender & Health Expert

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