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Dr. Marcus Edino

Dr. Marcus Edino

Senior Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Emergency Response Manager

PhD Sustainable Development
MSc Energy and Environmental Management
MSc Geography with Environmental Management (Pollution and Waste)
BSc Geography

Marcus has a large portfolio, with 20+ years of experience in sustainable development; environmental/natural resource management; multi-stakeholder project management; strategy development; environmental, socio-economic assessment; capacity building; risk and performance measurement and management; quantitative and qualitative analysis; interviewing; and surveys. He is recognized as a high-energy, goal-driven sustainability specialist, with a firm grasp of regulatory and policy challenges in the environment, natural resources, and environmental public health. He has strong conviction in the principles of sustainable development, having successfully managed projects and developed strategies for many ventures throughout Africa, Europe, and North America. Marcus has worked on several international environmental, social impact, and socio-economic assessment initiatives. He has experience in a wide variety of risk, performance management, and capacity-building multi-stakeholder projects and has collaborated with government, non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, and Indigenous communities.  


He draws upon a formidable range of research and data collection techniques including; monitoring and evaluation; quantitative and qualitative analysis; interviewing and surveys; and measuring performance against a set target. Marcus effectively analyzes data to produce meaningful reports and makes key recommendations that highlight potential challenges as well as opportunities. 

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