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Impact Resolutions has a strong and ever increasing network of national and international partners.


Bailey Environmental Consulting

Integrity, respect, and a passion for excellence drives every day at Bailey Environmental Consulting. Bailey is the intersection of client services, technical excellence, and environmental stewardship. They succeed because they are personally invested in their clients, colleagues, the environment, and doing what is right. Founded in North Vancouver, B.C., Bailey Environmental Consulting is proud of its proven track record of success and providing a practical, hands-on approach to environmental management. They have been central to a diversity of projects in the Pacific Northwest. The team consists of registered, qualified environmental professionals, providing a wide range of environmental services. They provide front end assessment and permitting services as well as construction monitoring and management for a range of projects including infrastructure, oil and gas and marine construction. Bailey Environmental Consulting has experience working with clients from many sectors, First Nations communities, and municipal, provincial, and federal governments.

BlueShift Advisory

At Blueshift Advisory, we take a collaborative approach to developing integrated risk management solutions, informed by our senior risk professionals and our consortia of deep subject matter experts who bring with them perspectives developed through years of experience leveraging risk at both the board and executive tables in the core areas of Cyber, IT Infrastructure, HR and Culture, Health and Safety, Supply Chain and Finance. Our work focuses on the facilitation of intelligent decision making and optimized business process designed for SMART decision makers. Our service offerings include strategy development, enterprise risk management, risk monitoring, process/control optimization as well as IT/business control assessment.


Boréalis offers the only out-of-the-box information management cloud solution that centralizes all your communications with stakeholders. Since 2004, our stakeholder management software has been supporting clients’ business processes and reporting needs. What can Boréalis' software do for you? 

  • Enable efficient stakeholder engagement 

  • Help coordinate and prioritize field teams’ activities 

  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements (for example, the International Finance Corporation) 

  • Produce efficient reporting on activities (who is doing what, where, when) 

  • Visualize assets, hot spots and rising issues 

  • Generate institutional memory 

International and local corporations across a wide variety of industries (such as mining, oil and gas, utilities, transport, renewables, pipeline, etc.) trust Boréalis software to simplify their operations.

Corvus Consulting Inc.

Corvus Consulting Inc. is a full-suite environmental and regulatory service provider dedicated to supporting responsible development and protecting the environment. With over 25 years of experience in multiple disciplines, we offer practical and cost-effective services to a variety of industries. From boots-on-the-ground field experience to analyzing and interpreting data, the Corvus team provides a holistic approach to tackling challenging issues and enjoys problem-solving.

We have extensive environmental experience in creating and implementing management systems, assessing cumulative impacts and greenhouse gas quantification and emissions reduction strategy development. Corvus provides a pragmatic approach to regulatory compliance based on our experience with front end permitting/licensing, operational requirements, and regulatory body audits and inspections. We recognize that project economics are vital to implementation and develop a balanced business case for each project.

We bridge the gap between industry and policy through close personal and professional relationships with regulatory bodies and regulated organizations. Corvus is proud to offer novel solutions to key environmental matters through a technical lens.

First Nations Education Foundation

The First Nations Education Foundation collaborates with First Nation governments and communities to develop language revitalization programs for at-risk indigenous dialects using contemporary educational practices and innovative, interactive technology. It provides nations with an infrastructure and methodology through which they can create and sustain their own language revitalization efforts independently and autonomously. 

The result is an organic process that harnesses the existing efforts made by community language champions and taps into the wealth of community knowledge by crowdsourcing words, phrases, and stories. These language resources are streamlined into a comprehensive archive and made accessible to the whole community through a digital platform that can be continually updated by the users themselves and facilitate community engagement both on and off the traditional territory. This 21st century approach makes contemporary learning strategies feasible for small communities and offers real hope for Indigenous language revitalization.

Gilwa Consulting Inc.

Gilwa Consulting Inc. (GCI) is a federally recognized Indigenous owned and operated Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services firm that offers advisory services for Indigenous communities, industry, government, and societies in western and central Canada. 

GCI is founded on Indigenous and western European values and practices. Utilizing the framework of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and value-based business practices and successes, GCI is consistent in the delivery of meaningful, practical, ethical, and realistic outcomes for business operations. GCI has extensive experience in Indigenous Affairs; Consultation & Engagement; Cultural Sensitivity in appropriate business practices & language; Negotiations; Strategic planning & Development; Policy writing & Application; and Business Services. GCI is pleased to support Impact Resolutions in their interests in collaborating with Indigenous peoples of western Canada. GCI continues to work directly with communities to improve their overall vision of what realistic reconciliation means for Indigenous peoples of Canada and provides tools that allow them to deliver bottom line outcomes more effectively through various economic strategies that align to external stakeholder outcomes.

International Environmental Management Co. Ltd.

International Environmental Management Co. Ltd. (IEM) was established in 1992 and has evolved into a leading environmental consulting company solving a wide range of challenges for its private sector clients as well as government and non-government organizations throughout Asia and the Middle East. The IEM team focuses on providing comprehensive services with proven international experience, expertise and extensive project management capabilities in the following disciplines: 

  • Environmental and Natural Resource Management 

  • Environmental Site and Impact Assessment 

  • Environment, Social, Health & Safety Consulting Policy, Legislation and Regulatory Requirements 

  • Consulting Services in Corporate Social Responsibility 

IEM is firmly committed to providing the highest quality consulting services tailored to their clients' needs through effective management, appropriate technologies and scientifically proven solutions to promote cost-efficiency and sustainable development goals. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, IEM also has country offices in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Kleanza Consulting Ltd.

Kleanza Consulting Ltd. is a full-suite heritage firm with offices in Vancouver, Terrace, Bowser (Vancouver Island), and Prince Rupert. Specializing in community-driven archaeology projects, community engagement, and education, Kleanza's success is built upon strong relationships with First Nations communities. With experience in all areas of British Columbia (as well as the Yukon and Northwest Territories), every resource sector, and with all levels of government, Kleanza combines a conservation ethic with social responsibility and economic viability. This philosophy culminates in not only a more ethical approach to archaeology and heritage, but recognizes that trust and transparency results in projects running more smoothly, being completed sooner, and costing less. 

The team is made up of senior staff with more than 15 years experience mentoring more junior staff, all having a voice in the company’s future and direction. With specialists in lithic analysis, osteology, faunal analysis, culturally modified trees, education and outreach, permitting and policy, heritage sovereignty, and the only commercially certified marine archaeologist in the province, Kleanza understands the scientific, social, cultural, educational, and economic values of cultural heritage.

Lorax Environmental Services

Lorax Environmental Services Ltd. provides leading-edge environmental, geo-chemical and project management services to our clients. The Lorax team includes a group of experienced professionals capable of designing, executing, and managing challenging environmental projects with a thorough understanding of the provincial and federal regulatory frameworks. The practical experience of Lorax's scientists is supplemented by our close association with academic institutions and the private sector. Our academic associates are internationally respected scientists from the fields of geochemistry, oceanography toxicology and biology providing high-end scientific input to our projects.

Seaton-Jordan & Associates Ltd.

Seaton-Jordan & Associates Ltd. (SJ) is a privately-held consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in undeveloped mineral evaluations and database management services for the energy industry. SJ focuses on leveraging technology to create efficiencies in the evaluations for the Canadian energy sector. Our expertise can be applied to oil & gas, hydrogen, lithium, helium, and potash. SJ's professional, detailed, and comprehensive reporting services include support for corporate year-end reporting, mergers and acquisitions and capital investments. SJ implements IFRS reporting standards recognized by the TSX, TSX-V and CRA. 

SJ's water consulting services, launched in 2020, complement our expertise in land evaluations. Our goal is to provide clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions for sourcing, transporting, storing and disposing of water used in drilling and hydraulic fracturing. We work alongside numerous industry partners, assistant companies to plan their water management programs for the upcoming drilling season with the goal of complying with government regulations and environmental standards.

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