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Murray S. Slezak

Murray S. Slezak

Sr. Operations Director

BA Administration

Murray brings to the table over 36 years of industry-wide experience in corporate social responsibility of social impact and non-technical risk management.

He spearheads Impact Resolutions’ commitment to promoting responsible corporate behaviour. Decades of experience coupled with unparalleled expertise of stakeholder engagement have helped him to not only build relationships with Indigenous communities and other impacted stakeholders but also develop a deep understanding of stakeholder concerns, expectations and needs. This understanding is applied to help design and implement mutually beneficial strategies and plans.

Murray’s knowledge and experience helps businesses understand the management of project impacts and ensuing economic benefits. Companies are increasingly understanding that responsible business practices not only benefit local communities and minimize negative impacts but also make good business sense. Murray’s ability to work in different cultural and socio-economic contexts, combined with proven, effective engagement skills with all levels of internal and external stakeholders, make him uniquely positioned to offer clients effective strategic guidance on a multitude of opportunities as well as potential pitfalls.

Murray has experience with Indigenous groups and stakeholders ranging from federal, provincial and municipal government officials to business owners, labour union representatives, local residents, post-secondary institutions and non-profit organizations.

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