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Murray S. Slezak

Murray S. Slezak

Sr. Operations Director

BA Administration

Murray offers 40+ years of career experience working with Indigenous communities, organizations, development corporations and private businesses. He has guided strategic planning, decision-making and monitoring activities to achieve objectives and goals and understands decision-making dynamics priorities, including social, cultural and economic drivers. He is a global subject matter expert for local content, business capacity building, education, training and employment. He is a seasoned negotiator for land access and impact benefits agreements with Indigenous communities and organizations at Shell Canada.   


Murray’s experience is steeped in non-technical risk and impact management; business capacity building; health, safety, environment and social performance management; strategic planning, governance and sustainable business development; social, cultural and economic prioritization strategies; environmental, social and health impact assessments; assurance reviews and audits; land access, socio-economic and benefits agreement negotiations; and engagement strategies for Indigenous governments, provincial and federal governments and regulators to explorers, developers and operators.   


Murray is also qualified by Equitable Origin, Royal Dutch Shell, The Copper Mark, and Towards Sustainable Mining as an auditor and assessor. He has demonstrated the ability to apply his knowledge and skills to a broad range of business opportunities effectively and collaboratively.

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