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Jeremy Valeriote

Jeremy Valeriote

Sr. Environmental, Social & Governance Specialist

MA Leadership Studies (in progress)
BASc Geological Engineering

Jeremy is an environmental engineer with 20 years of experience managing people and projects, and finding a balance between nature and human progress. Jeremy has direct experience in both the administrative and political realms, including governance, public policy and public engagement. He has a proven track record of clear and effective communication, strong relationships, and community engagement that builds trust and a clear vision for the future.

Jeremy is currently conducting research for a Masters in Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University, on the recognition and valuation of natural assets, sometimes referred to as natural capital. Natural assets are the renewable and non-renewable resources (eg. plants, animals, air, water, soils and minerals) that combine to provide benefits to people and communities. These benefits take the form of ecosystem services such as water purification and climate regulation, and recreation, aesthetic and cultural benefits.

Jeremy was an elected Town of Gibsons councillor when the town pioneered this approach to natural assets in the local municipal context, initially to its groundwater aquifer and then to its forests, streams and marine foreshore. Natural asset management continues to evolve and grow, to include a broader set of natural assets and services and more sophisticated valuation and restoration methods.

Prior to this, Jeremy studied Geological Engineering at the University of BC and worked as an environmental engineering consultant, navigating the interface between human development and environmental protection. He has worked on large mine closure planning projects, environmental impact assessments of proposed projects, and contaminated site assessment and remediation.

Jeremy prides himself on a grounded, integrated approach to public engagement and project management, and is committed to successful outcomes. He believes strongly in healthy communication, systems thinking, and data-driven decision making.

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