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Suzanne Rashed

Suzanne Rashed

Sr. Corporate Communications Specialist

BA Communications and Liberal Arts

Suzanne is a professional communications and project specialist with 25+ years of project management and stakeholder engagement experience across a wide range of corporate, cultural, and not-for-profit sectors. She has worked with very prominent individuals as well as on high-profile, and at times controversial projects. Suzanne’s proven ability to manage multiple projects, production schedules and personalities simultaneously is coupled with her demonstrated skills in strategic planning and direction of entire projects from concept development to delivery. She has designed and implemented engagement plans while acting as an intermediary between clients and diverse stakeholders to ensure success.

Suzanne lived and worked in multiple countries and has travelled extensively around the world. She can bring a global perspective and a real-world audit of the projects she works on. Suzanne is passionate about bridging the communications gap between cultural initiatives and business objectives. Her multi-disciplinary interests, combined with a background in both publishing and education curriculum development, make it easy for Suzanne to break down complex bits of information into bite-sized chunks that everyone can understand, while keeping the essence of the information intact.

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