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Weam Charaf Eddine

Weam Charaf Eddine

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expert

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Weam is the founder of “Meditate for Change”. Their work in holistic coaching, engineering, and hypnosis gave them a unique viewpoint of both scientific and spiritual insight. As a researcher and lecturer, their interest lies in demystifying the mystical, so people from all walks of life have the right tools to make outstanding changes in their lives. They've used scientific research to interpret the hidden nature of energetic healing, manifestation, hypnotic trance, coaching, meditation, and psychic phenomena.

Despite their spiritual kinship, they have been working as an engineering consultant within the provincial and federal government sphere in Canada since 2017. In addition, their entrepreneurial spirit continues to shape their social enterprises, as they have co-founded Beyond Toronto Life in 2016, to bring diverse urban dwellers out of their apartments to promote a healthy community, and group wellbeing. Furthermore, they helped initiate Arab Queer Hub in 2021, to promote queer rights within marginalized communities in Toronto, which lead them to win the annual Youth Queer Leadership award from Sher Vancouver, for all the work they did in this field.

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