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Helen A. Cruz

Helen A. Cruz

Sr. Gender & Health Expert

PhD Rural Sociology
MSc Development Sociology
Med Educational Guidance
BA Social Work

Helen’s 40+ years of experience is as diverse as it is vast. A respected development consultant, she is particularly adept at harnessing a soft power approach to gather information at the grass roots. Fluent in Indonesian, Malay and Tagalog, with a good working knowledge of Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish, her career has taken her throughout Central and Southeast Asia, North America and beyond.

As Impact Resolutions’ Senior Human Environment Specialist, Helen draws upon an abundance of social science research processes she has applied including:

  • Participatory rural appraisal: often used by NGOs to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of rural peoples’ in the planning and/or design of a project/programme development cycle. It’s comprised of: planning/design; implementation; monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Helen has experience in all three aspects, most intensively M&E pertaining to water and irrigation management projects and dam projects​

  • Logical framework approach: an analytical method used to design, monitor and evaluate international development projects​

  • Environmental monitoring: water and irrigated agriculture management; watershed and protected area management; environmental impact assessments in oil, gas and multi-purpose dam projects​

  • Gender mainstreaming (to promote gender equality): women’s empowerment​

  • Good governance: transparency, accountability and anti-corruption​

  • Institutional/organizational strengthening: training and development where cross-cultural sensitivity, interpersonal skills and language proficiency are essential

Helen has provided advisory and support services to multi- and bilateral aid agency-funded programs of governmental and non-governmental organizations. Assignments have taken her to Afghanistan, Canada, China, East Timor, Indonesia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan (ROC), the Philippines, the United States and Vietnam.

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