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Impact Assessment

IR provides baseline assessments for all types of projects, including those crossing multiple disciplines. Our impact assessment approach is structured to meet regulatory and permit requirements and inform strategic initiatives related to monitoring and evaluation, business development, community investment, local content and engagement.

IR is guided by peer-reviewed science, and Indigenous and local knowledge. We also are committed to adopting and implementing UNDRIP, Recommendations of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Report, and the Calls to Action (Truth and Reconciliation Commission Canada), guiding the planning and implementation of every contract.

Experience has taught IR that cumulative effects analyses can be one of the more challenging aspects of an environmental assessment. Therefore, it is crucial to develop an effective policy in this area to allow for reasonable cost-effective analyses to meet the demands of the stakeholders, proponents and Indigenous communities. The IR team of seasoned professionals has a proven track record of working on highly complex cumulative impact assessment projects.

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Creating opportunities for equitable, sustainable development


Engendering trust and confidence, while ensuring adequate, objective representation

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Creating safe, controlled environments for collaborative, balanced dialogue

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