Data Collection & Analysis

IR offers a comprehensive approach that adapts engagement processes and techniques locally to authentically reflect the community and organizations where we are working. We believe that the data collected are only as good as the rapport we can build with project participants.


The IR team brings expertise in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analyses, alongside the ability to work across a diversity of cultural and socio-economic contexts.

IR recognizes that a multi-layered and multi-faceted Indigenous and public engagement approach is paramount to effectively capture diverse needs, access and responses to information. The IR approach demonstrates a commitment to transparency and accessibility on behalf of the proponent or mineral project. We gain the support and trust of the community, thereby mitigating a contentious process into one embraced by the people it serves.

IR has the experience and demonstrated success in developing methods for data collection and baseline assessments that can be used for multiple purposes. Our mixed-method (quantitative and qualitative) approach makes IR more efficient at developing valued components for impact assessment.


Our Service Areas

Creating opportunities for equitable, sustainable development

Engendering trust and confidence, while ensuring adequate, objective representation

Creating safe, controlled environments for collaborative, balanced dialogue