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Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Business & Procurement

IR integrates a plurality of perspectives ranging from investors, energy and extractive companies and government to First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities. IR and partners have an intimate understanding of energy and extractive infrastructure design (e.g., dam safety, geochemistry, economics) garnered from working with small to multinational corporations and various levels of government and Indigenous communities. IR also holds a deep understanding of Canadian business practices and how the federal, provincial and territorial environmental assessment processes are well established as an integral part of the temporal and spatial boundaries of any project.

The IR team has extensive international experience in developing immediate rapport, stimulating engagement, and navigating challenging negotiations. We conduct careful evaluations to develop and apply practical management solutions and align with best practices for high-risk situations. Our successful engagement approach results from our ability to hear concerns and develop strategic guidance, thereby avoiding potential project pitfalls. IR team members have experience with federal, provincial and municipal government representatives; Indigenous governments and groups; business owners; trade unions; local community members; neighbourhood associations; post-secondary education, research institutions; and non-profit organizations.

IR offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Ethical Supply Chains

  • Social Performance

  • Local Content Planning and Execution

  • Facilitation, Mediation and Negotiation

  • Conflict Resolution

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Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Creating opportunities for equitable, sustainable development


Engendering trust and confidence, while ensuring adequate, objective representation

Analyzing Graphs

Creating safe, controlled environments for collaborative, balanced dialogue

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