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How Impact Resolutions can help you develop an effective stakeholder information management system

It’s crunch time! The landmark meeting with a key stakeholder that you’ve been steadily working towards is finally about to happen. Getting to this point hasn’t been easy though. It’s meant a lot of hard work, not just by you but from the entire team: contractors, the call centre, the salesperson, the public relations guru… and so the list goes on. From an organizational efficiency perspective, you’ve got to be prepared with a full understanding of the trajectory that led to this important milestone.

Except that you aren’t. The contractors are busy on another job; the call centre has just moved offshore and the salesperson is on vacation. At least the public relations expert used a spreadsheet to record their engagement activities—well they did until their computer crashed. Ready? Like heck you are!

Distributed data is a common problem affecting many organizations where a dissonance of information is scattered far and wide: spreadsheets; emails; task management systems; Post-it notes, or very often nothing at all. Mix together and you have a perfect recipe for information overload with critical gaps in data thrown in. It’s no wonder that at times like these, organizations quickly begin to realize the critical importance of a reliable stakeholder management system. This is all well and good, but wouldn’t it be better to have considered this at the very beginning?

We know how to design an effective engagement tool with a focus on not just your immediate but also your long-term needs

Developing the foundation for an accurate, well-designed database

At the onset Impact Resolutions will focus on your overall objective. Concentrating on strategy and process will enable us to develop a clear and unambiguous protocol document so that all information is funnelled, inputted and tracked in a meaningful and consistent manner. We know what to look for and what to avoid: topics and how to track them; how to accurately record a stakeholder’s name without duplications; properly linking a stakeholder to a stakeholder group… to name but a few. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we’re able to mitigate common pitfalls that may appear unimportant at first but have the potential to significantly impact data integrity.

Increased efficiency: the ability to quickly access information

When a stakeholder management system has been designed with proper information categorization in mind, it can accurately produce all manner of data and reports at the touch of a button. Impact Resolutions will help you design a system based upon your own unique requirements so you can quickly and easily access the information you need. Developing a detailed picture of your stakeholders enables you to not only assess the current landscape but also focus on future outcomes. We’ll show you how to segment stakeholder information pertaining to certain groups, issues, locations etc. giving you a more detailed perspective.

More informed decision making

Impact Resolutions will help give you a clearer picture of what’s taken place. Need to decide whether to support another community investment project with a stakeholder group? Knowing how to generate a specific report to extract meaningful data makes it easier to know where to pinpoint expenditure.

Project timeline / Implementation

Experience has shown us that a thorough trajectory of stakeholder interactions is better for everyone—communities, stakeholders, not to mention your organizational reputation.

Smoother employee transition

Staff turnover doesn’t mean you need to be faced with an information black hole. New team members will be able to receive targeted reports so they can quickly get up to speed. Our tailor-made protocol document will ensure everyone’s on the same page too.

Less stress

Setting up an effective and robust stakeholder management system is too important to be left to chance. Impact Resolutions has the expertise to develop intelligent, well thought out solutions that will empower you to be fully prepared in the stakeholder engagement process, as well as the inevitable twists and turns along the way.

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