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Canadian Assessment Firm Approved for MiQ® Standard

Impact Resolutions Ltd. is now an accredited certification body for the Methane Intelligence (MiQ) Standard for methane emission intensity for natural gas production. The MiQ program has been designed to enhance reporting for various requirements, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Impact Resolutions will verify natural gas production against the MiQ Standard.

"Responsible energy development requires a highly skilled team of professionals to achieve coveted certifications under the aegis of environmental-, social- and governance-(ESG) related criteria,” explains Murray Slezak, senior operations director at Impact Resolutions. "Graham Tyler, our senior air quality and emissions engineer, is our lead MiQ assessor."

Reducing methane emissions is the big driver in the natural gas market, particularly in the United States but also internationally Graham Tyler explains. He sees the beginnings of a push for Canadian natural gas producers to certify and trade on MiQ's Digital Registry. “Upon receiving an MiQ Certificate, a tradable environmental certificate, and evidence of methane reduction performance, producers have access to a new thriving market for certified natural gas.”

Graham Tyler, Sr. Air Quality & Emissions Engineer

From his early days as an environmental engineer focused on contaminated site remediation, Tyler lifted his gaze to become interested in air quality, greenhouse gases and emissions. “I did a climatology degree before engineering so the atmosphere always held my interest. What we breathe demands that we ask the gut-checking questions.”

Methane emission reduction along the supply chain from gas-producing sources to buyers is one among several keystones for a positive ESG profile. As Tyler points out, “To tackle methane emissions, natural gas producers need to understand where these are coming from and methane mitigation practices and measurement technology to enable them to address the issue. In essence, what gets measured gets done!”

“Achieving the MiQ methane standard along with other standards such as Equitable Origin—both of which dovetail nicely—escalates transparency. This is foremost ‘big-picture vital’ to the human factor: our health and quality of life,” Tyler asserts. “And,” he continues, “becoming more essential to future energy development projects when it comes to financing.”

As an approved Equitable Origin 100™ assessment firm for responsible energy development, Impact Resolutions can save producers time and money pursuing two certifications simultaneously. Its relationships with other boutique-consulting firms deliver certification assessments, impact assessments, and other ESG-related contracts.

Tyler is one among many experts at Impact Resolutions who understand the essentiality and inseparability of hard and soft assessments. Like others, the appeal for him is working with a complement of people who are well versed in various industry sectors integrating multiple perspectives ranging from project proponents, prime contractors, and government to First Nation, Inuit, or Métis governments and communities.

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