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A Balanced Partnership for the High Standards of Equitable Origin

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And in the equation of a newly formed partnership between Corvus Consulting Inc., and Impact Resolutions Ltd., the math adds up to much more than concentrated talent for the energy sector.

Corvus Consulting, a full-suite environmental and regulatory service provider, and Impact Resolutions, a firm of engagement and social mitigation experts, see their relationship as yin and yang: data and technology plus people and communities, all enveloped by the environment.

Heather Gallant and Rachel Sanguinetti, both principles of Corvus Consulting, are business partners and have worked together for over seven years. Gallant, who loves problem solving and Excel, has been in the environment and regulatory world for over 12 years. “I have spent quite a bit of that time in the field, which I believe underlines my background to put forward reasonable and practical solutions.” Sanguinetti likewise loves data and spreadsheets. She says that her 15 years in the industry has taken her down many different and exciting paths and provided her with a wealth of knowledge. “Heather and I are both passionate about supporting industry and protecting the environment,” she says, “and so it’s no coincidence we met Murray Slezak from Impact Resolutions.”

Corvus is a great fit for us to work together in the Equitable Origin 100™ and methane intelligence (MiQ) space, notes Slezak, senior operations director at Impact Resolutions. “Corvus does a fantastic job demystifying regulations for clients, and they have a solid track record of helping them improve their compliance,” he says.

Slezak, well-known as “the grandfather of social impact mitigation,” understands all the pieces and processes that need to come together for an industry proponent to fully participate in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. In Corvus he recognized a special quality, a compliment to its technical prowess: “Heather and Rachel understood well that for decades greenhouse gas (GHG) activity reporting was a check-box affair but that is no longer the case. They know that real money and real risk is associated with greenhouse gas performance.”

As Heather explains: “We understand that there needs to be a business case for GHG reduction strategies—that project economics are vital to implementation as is the need to develop a balanced business case for each project."

While Corvus is proud to offer novel solutions to key environmental matters through a technical lens, Impact Resolutions, through an Indigenous lens, works to collaboratively create social, health and environment impact management assessment and strategies. These qualities combined are essential for helping oil and gas producers achieve the highest environmental and social standards under the aegis of the Equitable Origin 100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development.



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