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Northeast BC Labour Market Strategy

IR successfully demonstrated a proficiency to collect and analyze complex socioeconomic data to facilitate data-driven decision-making among municipal clients in BC. For the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM), IR developed an interim labour market and economic strategy.

The development of this strategy required the collection and consolidation of large amounts of demographic, economic, labour force, income and housing data. IR subsequently forecasted key data points over the next five years and used Monte Carlo simulations to model the probabilities of different forecasted outcomes.

IR mapped the relationships between key types of qualitative and quantitative data using techniques including multivariate regressions to quantify how explanatory factors influence important data points and generate actionable labour and economic recommendations for the NRRM. 

IR’s roles and responsibilities include: 

  • Gain industry, the Indigenous community and government support for project work scope and funding; 

  • Co-chair, coordinate and participate in steering committee meetings to perform all tasks and activities supporting study outcomes;  

  • Conduct primary research with industry and Indigenous communities with the support of Northeast Native Advancing Society representatives; 

  • Review draft reports providing comments and feedback; and  

  • Participate in report writing and meetings with First Nation communities, local governments and organizations to disseminate study results to broad audiences.

Other Case Studies


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