Houston Uni’stot’en Preservation Society

IR continues to make contributions to the socio-economic well-being of Indigenous peoples through community engagement while providing employment priority, on-the-job skills training and business opportunities. We are committed to improving our understanding and respect for Indigenous knowledge, cultures and traditional practices that support sustainable development. We seek to earn the trust of Indigenous communities and peoples by delivering on our commitments and responsibilities.

IR will continue to improve the delivery of our business to protect the environment and Indigenous cultural and spiritual resources by responding proactively to land use concerns and minimizing impacts to sensitive areas. This involves eliminating or reducing barriers that stand in the way of full participation of a cross-section of members. At IR we know that respecting, valuing and engaging participants enhances decision-making success, increases creativity and results in greater innovation potential.

IR understands that recording traditional stories is a strong tool for those who share and acknowledge them; it fosters unity, strength and empowerment. Since 2017, IR has been working with Dark House, Kley’ate’ley, and Uni’stot’en elders and community members on a documentary. Our goal in the process is to nurture a relationship between the Kley’ate’ley, Uni’stot’en Hereditary Chiefs, Wet’suwet’en Bands, elders and community members in the Wet’suwet’en territory both on- and off-reserve. Also, we provide participants with shadow opportunities in project management, procurement and videography. The Kley’ate’ley clan members involved are affected by Canfor, the Pacific Trails Pipeline project, and the Coastal GasLink project. IR’s objective is to bring recognition to a significant legacy and knowledge about what it has meant in one family’s decision not to take on ‘Indian status’ in the 1950’s and live in what has now become a controversial and complex development context. This visual documentary demonstrates a bridge between identity and agency, traditional knowledge, and language.

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

IR's completion of an interim labour market and economic strategy for the Norther Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM).