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Paolo Nuguid

Paolo Nuguid

Lead Knowledge Management Coordinator

BA Sociology and Education

Paolo has lived in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, and now in Vancouver, Canada —this has given him a global mind-set for an ever-changing social and political landscape as well the ability to communicate with individuals from all walks of life. In fact, exploring Southeast Asia has been one of the most enjoyable and eye-opening experiences he's ever had. Whether it be the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam, or exploring Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Paolo continues to seek interesting experiences and vibrant cultures wherever they may be. Paolo’s work in customer service and retail has helped foster a strong sense of empathy and a calm understanding demeanour.

In 2018, Paolo was involved with a regional research project for TransLink which involved collecting information on the commuting trips that Metro Vancouverites took on a daily basis. This included administering quantitative research methods with a digital survey being the main method. This experience has provided Paolo with excellent experience in dealing with research information on a regional scale.

Paolo has also worked for 2 years in the real-estate investment industry as part of a strategic projects team that sought to improve the scalability of operations for a company that was experiencing the prime of its growth. This involved reconciling and migrating large amounts of data into an online system accessible both by internal employees as well as external clients, as well as testing and using various CRM and productivity software such as Hubspot, Wrike, and the digital-signing service, Authentisign. He has also helped improve efficiency through the creation of workflows in Hubspot that sped up daily operations.

Paolo also has experience with E-commerce-capable website creation through the Shopify platform as well as paid Facebook advertising through their Business Manager API in order to promote E-commerce businesses. This involved content creation, product descriptions, setting up automated marketing processes for customers, and SEO optimization.

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