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Namita Prakash

Namita Prakash

Lead Multi-media Creative Specialist

BA Political Science
Multimedia Creative

With a background in event marketing and communications, and a Bachelor's in Political Science, Namita lends a passionate voice to Vancouver's conservation non-profit sector. Specializing in typography & layouts for print and web-based projects, Namita's approach to graphic design depends on the creative brief. Informed by research, she identifies problems and creates solutions to meet the need. Some of her notable projects include campaigns with the Grizzly Bear Foundation, which use multimedia to tackle issues of grizzly bear conservation. With an emphasis on culture and stories, she demonstrates her technical abilities in web design, research, campaign strategy, copywriting, photo-editing, web and print-publication, and content management.

Namita has extensive experience leading strategic promotions and conservation-minded audience segments through online communication channels. As the Fundraising Manager at Grizzly Bear Foundation, Namita manages one-on-one donor relations and partnerships with individuals, companies, and NGO's interested in grizzly bear conservation and ecotourism. Her intimate knowledge makes her uniquely positioned to offer effective strategic guidance on conservation related marketing strategies.

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