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Marcus Edino

Marcus Edino

Sr. Sustainable Development Manager

PhD Sustainable Development
MSc Energy and Environmental Management
MSc Geography with Environmental Management (Pollution and Waste)
BSc Geography

Recognized as a high energy, goal-driven sustainability specialist, Marcus has a firm grasp of regulatory and policy challenges in environmental/natural resource management. With a strong conviction in the principles of sustainable development, he has successfully managed projects and developed strategies for many ventures throughout Africa, Europe and North America.

Marcus has worked on several international environmental, social impact and socio-economic assessment initiatives. He has experience in a wide variety of risk, performance management and capacity building multi-stakeholder projects and has collaborated with government, non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations and Indigenous communities.

He draws upon a formidable range of research and data collection techniques that include: monitoring and evaluation; quantitative and qualitative analysis; interviewing and surveys; and measuring performance against a set target. Marcus is able to effectively analyze data to produce meaningful reports and make key recommendations that highlight potential challenges as well as opportunities.

Marcus diligently works on building rapport to develop inclusive, trust-based relationships, and has moderated, managed and facilitated discussion for numerous focus groups across the sociological spectrum. Projects have ranged from leading health impact surveys to assess the potential connection with local oil and gas infrastructure; to a role as manager of a resource development project in Alberta, Canada that involved over 40 indigenous communities. Marcus has also worked with almost 80 participants from 18 First Nations as a senior field supervisor on an Intergenerational Transfer of Knowledge Project in British Columbia, Canada.

Skilled in the finely balanced intricacies of conflict resolution, Marcus developed a bottom-up framework to address conflict between Indigenous communities, multinational oil corporations and government forces in the Niger Delta, Africa’s largest oil producing region. This framework is currently addressing mineral resource conflict and facilitating the issuance of social licence to resource development companies while equally promoting responsible resource development.

Marcus has lectured, taught and designed syllabi for British and North American universities—he is a proud recipient of the prestigious Teaching Excellence award in the category of Effective Teaching that Inspires and Motivates Learning.

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