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Lee White

Lee White

Sr. Community Wellness Specialist

With over two decades of experience as an adventure guide and experiential educator, Lee’s professional and educational background is in program development and management, facilitation, conflict resolution, and negotiation. He specializes in transformative change processes and has a unique ability to foster self-organization within communities and work collaboratively to identify creative solutions for complex challenges.

Lee’s prior involvement in post-apartheid South Africa as part of Nelson Mandela’s Reconstruction and Development Programme and as advisor to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Restorative Justice was a watershed for his work back home in Canada.

Lee is involved in all aspects of capacity development for First Nations communities and agencies, with specific focus on:

Self-determination: Lee helps foster a leadership vision to deliver negotiation strategies including intergovernmental; industry; title; and rights

Developing administrative capacity: Lee facilitates a well-rounded approach to good governance that includes strategic planning; leadership coaching; bylaw and policy development; business planning; budgeting; organizational reviews

Community development: with an awareness this can encompass many forms, Lee collaborates on targeted plans ranging from training and employment to leadership

Economic independence: a strategic focus enables Lee to concentrate on economic development planning towards an goal of long-term self-sufficiency

An empathic sensitivity and global context are a driving force in Lee’s ongoing determination to help remove barriers, build capacity and generate economic participation and social development for First Nation communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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