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Jocelyn Wood

Jocelyn Wood

Stewardship & Conservation Planning Specialist

Diploma of Technology with Distinction
BA Political Science and Environmental Studies

Jocelyn has been working with environmental non-profit organizations protecting and stewarding public and private conservation lands along the west coast of Canada over the last six years. This work involved the development and implementation of local and regional conservation plans using the Open Standards for the Practices of Conservation and Miradi software following the adaptive management approach.

Jocelyn has experience coordinating and overseeing monitoring, research and restoration projects to maintain and enhance conservation lands. Her experience in the non-profit sector offered the opportunity to build relationships with partners in government, Indigenous communities, landowners, donors and the public. Jocelyn sought to enhance conservation awareness on the west coast through outreach events, workshops and the development of communication materials.

As a scientific writer, Jocelyn has collected, synthesized and collated technical and scientific information, evaluated data and provided recommendations in the study of microplastic ingestion in seabirds and waterfowl habitat conservation in Canada.

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