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Jamin Short

Jamin Short

Research Analyst

Master's in Social Work
Bachelor's in Social Work

Jamin is a social worker who is passionate about empowered communities, social research, and the many facets of environmental justice.

After graduating with his undergraduate degree in Social Work, Jamin went on to work in the field of housing and homelessness in the United States. Jamin spent two years as an outreach worker, providing various supports to youth experiencing homelessness. He then went on to operate a Rapid Rehousing program based on the Housing First framework in the same community. In addition to these roles, Jamin was involved with several committees and boards working to coordinate services among service providers in his community. All of these experiences have helped Jamin develop skills in engagement, problem-solving, program management, and community organizing.

In 2020, Jamin returned to Canada to attend graduate school in Social Work. Jamin used this time to build new skills in both research and consulting work. So far he has partnered with non-profits, municipalities, and government agencies on various projects. Jamin hopes to continue his learning and build new skills that can be used for supporting communities to bring about social justice.

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