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Graham Tyler

Graham Tyler

Sr. Air Quality & Emissions Engineer


Graham is an Environmental Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, focused on air quality and greenhouse gas measurement, analysis, inventorying, and assessment. He has expertise in source delineation and dispersion modelling for industrial approvals for oilsands, up-, mid-and downstream projects at all scale levels. He has collaborated on and conducted extensive field studies in the Canadian Arctic for mining operations emissions and has co-authored technical publications which have led to novel methods for improved metals deposition modelling. Graham has excellent experience in conducting provincial and federal GHG emissions inventories for upstream and downstream facilities including SAGD, gas plants, oilsands upgraders, refineries, ethanol plants and asphalt refineries. He has partnered with software engineers to develop and refine emissions database systems to enhance the accuracy and detail of compliance reports.

Graham has also developed numerous in-house assessment tools for GHG data collection and calculations, leading to streamlining verifications and audits. He has managed complex and sensitive technical matters with Regulators on re-verifications and audits of GHG baselines and has acted in an advisory role with several industry technical committees including the CAPP Air Technical group. He has extensive field measurement experience in air quality on both Provincial and Federal regulatory compliance matters on industrial emissions. The Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations for upstream gas production, processing, and transmission systems are included in that fieldwork. He has led emissions testing programs and has developed methods, and analytical tools and provided guidance and mentoring to technical staff on air quality measurement, analysis, and reporting.

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