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Gracelyn Shannon

Gracelyn Shannon

Sustainable Development Specialist

Dip. Civil Engineering

Gracelyn’s experience is in municipal infrastructure management. She is passionate about the roles that informed politicians, empowered staff, and an engaged public can all play in sustainable community planning.

Her main project after graduation focused on infrastructure performance data collection and analysis for municipalities throughout Canada. She would translate the results and facilitate discussions with management teams to support informed, data-based decision making.

She is now implementing and managing an infrastructure sustainability program for the Town of Gibsons, located in British Columbia, Canada. Gibsons is recognized as a world leader in municipal natural asset management. Gracelyn works actively with town council, management, and crews to advance the municipality towards a common goal of community sustainability. The question is: How do we best care for the services we value with limited resources?

Gracelyn has a keen sense of the social impact of sustainability efforts on communities and those internal to the organizations. She believes in building relationships, staying curious, and sharing knowledge.

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