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Arshad Jami

Arshad Jami

Social Safeguard & Resettlement Expert

MPhil in Sociology

A highly-motivated sociologist with 16 years national and international experience in social development, social safeguards and resettlement, Arshad has been involved in various multi-layered hydropower infrastructure projects throughout Pakistan. He has worked under the auspices of several banks and donor agencies including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Children’s Fund. Arshad has acted as liaison between various government departments, non-governmental organizations and field partners with proven experience in monitoring and evaluation, project management, field staff management, budgeting and reporting.

He has worked closely with stakeholders impacted by rural, urban, seasonal or involuntary migration. With a particular emphasis on creating effective mechanisms to build awareness for the monitoring, reporting and evaluation of resettlement programs, Arshad developed action plans to facilitate results based solutions.

Arshad has also held regular meetings with local communities, traditional assemblies and public health teams to raise awareness and manage community healthcare issues, such as HIV / AIDS and human trafficking.

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