Founder of Impact Resolutions Pepita McKee tells us a little about how the company got its name

October 19, 2016

 Like many things in life, it all began over cocktails with a few friends. After carefully explaining my preferred choice for a company name I was greeted with howls of laughter. My friends were chuckling because, although they clearly felt an innate sense of energy and passion, it was obvious the suggested name could easily be misconstrued. One day in the future I’d still like to launch a subsidiary called Gorilla Junkies but I had to conclude that potential clients might find it slightly bewildering to say the least. The world wasn’t quite ready—yet.As I continued mulling over the strengths and weaknesses of my proposed name, Kirk suddenly interjected with another: Impact Resolutions. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Impact Resolutions encapsulates our energy and enthusiasm. We’re the group of professionals to turn to if a company needed to collect sensitive data or negotiate agreements areas of high risk—places that might make them hesitate. Collectively we have the skills, education and global savvy to tackle any social challenge however big or small. They would contact us precisely because we wouldn’t hesitate.


We’re gorillas because we stand fearless and tall, backed by a solid structure of internal support and the technical ability to take on a multitude of tasks.


We’re junkies because socio-economics isn’t just some vague concept—it’s what we live and breathe.


With a deep conviction in all that we say and do, at first glance Impact Resolutions may appear every bit the respectable elder sibling, but delve a little deeper and maybe, just maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the beating heart that lies underneath.















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