Simon Cuerden

Communications Manager

MA Media and Communications
BA Sociology

Simon is a highly skilled communications specialist with over ten years experience in information management, labour relations, and marketing.


Working on multiple liquid natural gas projects, he’s used powerful stakeholder information management software to implement a records management system for tracking First Nations’ community engagement, consultative records and project agreements. With a keen eye for detail Simon knows what to look for, as well as common pitfalls, in building a solid, reliable infrastructure. Able to clarify complex information to make it more understandable and accessible, experience has taught him that choosing the right operating system is only just the beginning. If implemented properly from the start, it can be transformational and an indispensable factor in the success of the project. 


Specific areas of expertise include stakeholder engagement, data analysis and interpretation, database management, marketing and sales initiatives and brand recognition strategies. Simon’s combination of skills and experience enable him to effectively compile, organize, and analyze data, and efficiently communicate outcomes in accordance with multi-stakeholder objectives. 


Simon also has many years experience as a labour relations specialist in the advertising industry. He worked in partnership with union stewards; with an expert knowledge in the interpretation of multiple collective labour agreements, he tracked usage and rights of commercials and worked with industry self-governing regulatory bodies to ensure pre- and final clearance.

Fun fact

Simon is a keen traveller and has visited almost a third of the world's countries. He aims to steadily work towards half.