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Boréalis and Impact Resolutions announce new initiative to support better stakeholder engagement

Boréalis, a pioneer in stakeholder engagement and social performance software solutions, and Impact Resolutions, a groundbreaking boutique environmental consultancy, are excited to launch an innovative new partnership. Boréalis’ software offers an elegant and accessible user experience that belies a hidden complexity: Impact Resolutions continually looks beyond existing paradigms to see if there’s a better way. Together, we’ll realize new possibilities and offer a whole new level of value for doing business.

Impact Resolutions connects a seasoned group of highly motivated human environment and business development professionals. Communications are managed using Boréalis software—the gold standard for mapping complex social relationships between people, organizations and projects.

Robust engagement tracking is key to the success of any project. Recent trends point towards a challenging business climate—an increase in stakeholder activism set against the backdrop of an uncertain political climate. Now, more than ever it’s critical to stay one step ahead. Impact Resolutions and Boréalis combines the assurance of a team with the proven capacity for building solid community and stakeholder relationships in Canada and across the globe together with a leading consultation and commitment tracking software that’s light years ahead of the competition.

“We’re constantly striving for even better engagement solutions,” said Pepita McKee, founder of Impact Resolutions. “That’s why Boréalis was such a natural fit for us. We were blown away by their software. The benefits are immeasurable; the possibilities endless. It’s intuitive, cutting edge and leaves the rest in the dust.”

“We love teaming up with partners who show strong vision and expertise in bringing solutions to the complex issues that arise while dealing with community relations and social networks,” added Boréalis Director François Robichaud. “In addition to being strategically located in Western Canada, Impact Resolutions’ team has that special quality necessary to carry out successful stakeholder engagement. We’re thrilled to join forces with them!”

About Boréalis

Boréalis helps organizations to manage key stakeholders and secure their support to ensure the success of their projects. Our powerful collaboration software allows any project team to implement effective stakeholder engagement plans and mitigate project risks by making it easy to map and prioritize complex stakeholder relationships, record and monitor all engagements, issues, commitments and grievances, and more. It also assists managers in their engagement strategy by providing insightful analysis, including numerous leading performance indicators and trends on emerging issues.

What can Boréalis software do for you?

  • Enable efficient stakeholder engagement

  • Help coordinate and prioritize field teams’ activities

  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Produce efficient reporting on activities (who is doing what, where and when)

  • Visualize assets, hot spots and rising issues

  • Generate institutional memory

International and local corporations across a wide variety of industries (including mining, oil and gas, utilities, transport, renewables, pipeline, etc.) trust Boréalis software to simplify their operations. Let’s talk to see how we can assist you!

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About Impact Resolutions

Impact Resolutions comprises a diverse team of analysts, anthropologists, community liaisons, counsellors, facilitators, human environment researchers, negotiators and sociologists. Applied experience in a broad range of sectors includes hydroelectric power, liquid natural gas, mining, natural gas, transportation as well as interprovincial highways and pipelines.

We engage in ways that reveal core issues, create space for dialogue, and shift possibilities. Fundamental to this engagement are rooted, resilient connections built through acknowledgement and reciprocal learning. We enter communities ready to listen and appreciate multiple realities, to discover the place and potential for insightful and transformative change.

Understanding impact is our core philosophy. Whether involved in ethical supply chain management, impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation, qualitative or quantitative research or stakeholder engagement, our inclusive style builds relationship momentum leading to realistic, respectful resolutions.

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