Indigenous, community, and stakeholder relations

Creating opportunities for equitable, sustainable development

• Is your engagement strategy working for or against you? How would you know either way?​

• Are you aware of how a communications record management system could be beneficial?

• Whether industry, government, Indigenous or non-Indigenous—what is your duty to consult? What is social licence?

Resettlement socio-economic issues and impacts

Engendering trust and confidence, while ensuring adequate, objective representation

• Do you know why an understanding of local informal and formal contexts are a critical tool in developing a successful land acquisition resettlement framework and action plan?

• Do you know why impact assessments (such as social, gender or health) are important for compensation and benefits, or monitoring and evaluation? 

Facilitation and negotiation

Creating safe, controlled environments for collaborative, balanced dialogue

• How are public consultation outcomes critical for long term project and/or plan success? 

• When negotiating, do you have a sense of the right time to push forward or hold back, or how and when it’s the right time to stand down?

Socio-economic research and analysis

Combining scientific rigour and engagement to produce high-quality findings

• How are community profiles and baseline assessments important for budgetary planning? 

• How can an early socio-economic assessment save you money? 

• In practice, how are social safeguards implemented?

Conflict management

Developing frameworks for pre- and post-project risk strategies to stimulate innovation

• How do social and political risk analyses help save time and money?

• Are you aware that there is no one size fits all perspective or approach for risk assessment? 

Community wellbeing and reconciliation

Utilizing an integrated approach; developing direct relationships to ensure robust, balanced outcomes

• Why are you considering a community donation? Are you aware of the potential risks?

• What does strategic social investment mean to you? 

• How can reconciliation mean different things to different people? 

Ethical supply chains

Designing frameworks and stakeholder awareness that place ethical standards and sustainability at the centre of sourcing

• Do you know where the supplier of your supplier sources their products?

• Are you aware of the mechanisms of the unethical recruitment of labour? 

• Do you know how to prepare a supply chain transparency annual statement?

Social performance

Designing frameworks and stakeholder awareness that build trust and confidence

• How and why are key social indicators important?

• Why are non-technical aspects as important as technical aspects of a project or plan?

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