Maya McLean

Responsible Sourcing Specialist

MA Anthropology

BA Anthropology and Archaeology

Maya is an ethical sourcing specialist with over 10 progressive years of experience in the social compliance field. She conducts social compliance audits in Canada and Japan and also provides ethical sourcing practice recommendations to corporations when she is not conducting audits.


Her experience living in Chiang Rai, Thailand while conducting a field work in part of completing her MA in Anthropology, triggered her to change her interest from material culture to human rights. After completing her MA in Canada, she moved to Japan and joined Specialized Technology Resources (now Underwriters Laboratories – Responsible Sourcing) to become a social compliance auditor. During her career at STR in Japan, she also took on the role of research associate to identify social compliance issues in Japan.


She returned to Canada after three years of conducting social compliance audits in Japan. She has since been working with different independent audit firms, as it is her passion to make a sustainable and better society for both people manufacturing products and consumers.


Countries she has conducted social compliance audits include Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Fun fact

She loves going for hikes and travels with her family. Besides spending time with her family, she is passionate about material cultures in Asia – traditional material culture – She would say: “If I did not pursue my study and career in the direction I chose, I would be working as a curator or working for an organization that deals and study material cultures in Asia”.