Juan David Correa

Community Engagement Specialist

Juan David is an anthropologist with extensive experience in the oil and gas, mining and infrastructure sectors. He specializes in the design, direction and implementation of strategic relationships between the suppliers, authorities and communities they serve. He has also worked in population resettlement processes pertaining to mining and mass transit.

He has more than fifteen years’ experience in the following: stakeholder management; the evaluation, design and implementation of socio-environmental impact mitigation plans; environmental licence monitoring; the formulation and execution of social investment projects; the implementation of prior consultation processes with Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities.


With a strong conviction that non-standardized approaches have to be utilized to address the current social trajectory of energy and mining operations, Juan David believes that project information ought to be communicated to local stakeholders in ways they can properly understand. In order to achieve this objective impact analysis should start with a detailed understanding of the cultural and organizational structure of grassroots communities. The consequent social licence to operate is built upon a triumvirate of project legitimacy, its interlocutors’ and the company itself.


Within this framework, Juan David seeks to contribute to the success of operations in the energy and mining sectors by designing, directing and implementing action plans focused on an early and prolonged involvement of interested parties.

Fun fact

Juan David is a fan of Dungeons & Dragons role-playing tabletop games. He’s been playing them since 1991!