Deniz Bashash

Knowledge Management Coordinator

BSc Human Biology, Neuroscience and Psychology

Deniz is an experienced program coordinator who’s worked in highly acclaimed organizations and non-for-profit sectors. With a passion for addressing global social issues, including education, equality, gender empowerment, and health.

Deniz is especially interested in exploring the relationship between education and health, and its effects on vulnerable populations. She was able to study this throughout her studies at the University of Toronto, where she obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology, Neuroscience, and Psychology.

During her time at University, she held leadership positions in large not-for-profit organizations. Acting as the Vice President of AIESEC, the largest international student-run organization. She’s worked with University students from all over the world to help develop and activate leadership skills and foster the next generation of young leaders through the facilitation of international internships and volunteer exchanges. She’s also attended multiple national and international conferences to address ways in which youth can further their potential. Bringing businesses, government, organizations, and students together to explore different perspectives, share ideas, and build a better future.

Deniz has travelled all over Europe working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In 2018 she travelled to Finland to help empower and promote the inclusion of all regardless of ethnicity, age, sex, religion, etc. Her goal was to act upon the current refugee crisis, helping integrate immigrants into Finnish communities. Working as a Marketing and Communications intern to plan and execute events to bring minorities and members of the local community together. Upon returning from Finland, Deniz began working as Director of Education at TutorBright, Canada’s largest education company, where she fell in love with Education and Mentorship. In 2019 Deniz travelled to Spain working as an English teacher at an English School and working towards providing quality education for all.

Her experience working internationally in various interdisciplinary settings has allowed Deniz to gain a global perspective on the issues facing our world, as well as making her an expert communicator having worked with individuals from various professional backgrounds and walks of life.

Fun fact

Deniz loves to travel; she has travelled to more than 20 countries and speaks 4 languages. She is currently learning Spanish. As an avid home cook and baker, she almost made it onto MasterChef Canada!